Chronic Pain and the Mind Body Connection

Chana Studley

Published Date: 2021-09-20


I had agonizing chronic pain for 25 years and I am happy to tell you that I have been pain free for 6 years now. Doctors told me that my pain and occasional paralysis was coming from the injuries I received after being mugged 3 times. A fractured skull, 2 broken vertebrae in my neck and 3 herniated discs! But I learned that all injuries heal. So why was I having pain 25 years later?? In my presentation I am going to show you how understanding the Mindbody connection alleviated all my physical issues. I want to tell you about a major paradigm shift in understating how the mind works, and how this was substantial enough for me and many of my clients to get considerable pain relief and for some, pain free.

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