Case Report: Peripheral Nerve Block in a Pregnant Patient

In general, peripheral regional blocks are applied less frequently than central blocks. There are few publications about regional blocks applied in the upper extremity of pregnant women. In this case report, we aimed to share the peripheral nerve block application we applied to our 20 weeks old pregnant patient who was scheduled for surgery due to stab injury in the left hand thenar region. During the operation, the patient did not need any analgesics or sedatives. No complications were encountered during the operation. No analgesic was required for 8-10 hours in the postoperative period. The patient, who was controlled by the obstetrics clinic in the postoperative period, was evaluated as normal. The patient was discharged on the second day after the controls. In conclusion, we consider peripheral nerve blocks as the anesthesia method that should be preferred over general anesthesia in eligible pregnant patients undergoing non-obstetric intervention.


Deniz Turan * , Fatma Gülçin Öztürk Arikan, Serdar Epözdemir and Sezai Ozkan

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