Concept of Hospice Philosophy and Palliative Care to the End-Of-Life Care in the Ayurveda- A Birdâ??s Eye View

Ayurveda proposes guidelines and detailed methodology of healthy living and treatment of various medical conditions which are time tested and applicable to current healthcare issues. In terminally ill cancer patients, poor prognosis, unfruitful efforts, lost hope from relatives and patient may dilute intent of treatment resulting in worsening the condition medically, mentally, morally and socially. However, it's ethical, moral responsibility of healthcare professional to make every possible effort for betterment and convenience of the patient. Vrana karma (wound care), Basti (per rectal drug administration), Snehan-swedan (massage, fomenta-tion), Kawal-gandoosha (gargling), Shirosnehan (oleation of head), etc. may contribute as alternative or complementary to ongoing palliative care practices of wound care, urine-bowel related issues, ambulation, oral hygiene, stress management, and pain management respectively. Various yaapana basti to nourish body and Nasya (Nasal instillation of medicine), Kar-napoorana (Ear drops), Shiro-snehana for irritable patients to improve quality of life (QoL) in cancer patients can be used.


Sunil Hariram Pal

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