The Secrets of Fascial Tissue in Healing Chronic Pain

Wayne Phimister

Published Date: 2021-09-17


My journey of discovery into understanding chronic pain within clinical practice has led to over 2000 patients being successfully treated when traditional pain treatments were ineffective. The journey revealed the role of myofascial trigger points and tightened fascia needs to be released to allow physical therapies to be successful. The role of chronic inflammation was discovered and treated with the Hydro Trigger Point Injection (HydroTPI) technique in the most resistant cases. The role of the brain neuroplasticity to reprogram the limbic system was used with focused cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with a personalised ACT type approach of Acceptance Commitment Therapy to empower patients with belief and action for positive results by balancing the dysfunctional autonomic nervous system (ANS) from a fear based flight flight pain response to the calming, healing, rest and repair response.

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